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Wide Area Network Connectivity

GCI Broadband can meet virtually any connectivity requirement your business will require. Our wireless engineers can provide exceptional bandwidth greatly exceeding what is typically available from the telephone company at a very reasonable cost. 
Customer connectivity can be provided as part of our own wide area wireless network for a nominal monthly fee or if you prefer, we can provide design and installation for your own private wireless network. 

High Speed Internet Access

GCI Broadband has a direct connection with a national Internet access provider. This connection allows us to provide exceptional ADSL and SDSL service, speed and reliablity much less costly than currently provided by the local telephone company. Our system is monitored 24/7 to minimize service outages. Those customers who wish to purchase Internet access or data connectivity with a Service Level Agreement will receive committed service rates, 24/7 monitoring and service support.

What is ADSL service?

Why do I need SDSL service?

Custom Network Design

  • Network specific designs for your specific needs
  • Bundling of services, IP, Ethernet, Voice, Long Distance
  • Business Communication Audits to improve services and reduce overall costs
  • Wide Area Network connectivity using secure non internet facilities
  • Reduce telephone company monthly charges 40-60%

Unlimited Local/Long Distance Calling

GCI offers several VioP phone plans to allow our customers to realize the significant benefits of Hosted IP phone services. Phone plans bypass local telephone company. Savings of 40-60% off normal tarrif rates.

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • No CAPEX for inhouse phone equipment or maintenance
  • Web access to  manage,forward, retrieve Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding to other IP phone, cell phone, or regular PSTN
  • Web access to manage all calling features