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SDSL: Symetrical Digital Subscriber Line

Leverage Your Growth Opportunities

Expand the Way You Do Your Business
Your company has Internet access, but it's limited and not meeting your growing needs. Among small- to medium-sized business owners, SDSL has quickly become the broadband connection of choice. You need SDSL, a cost-effective way to increase your access speed along with other value-added services that will improve your Internet experience.

What is SDSL?
SDSL. It's only four little letters, but what a difference those four letters can make for an emerging business. SDSL is a high speed Internet access service that offers up to 30 times the speed of standard dial-up access. Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) is the latest high speed technology that uses your existing copper telephone wires or wireless systems to provide high speed Internet access at equal uploading and downloading speeds. Our SDSL provides wireless connectivity from the customers' premises to our Network Point of Presence providing the most reliable service possible. Our service is non dependent on overhead lines which are subject to outages caused by wind, lightning or other weather concerns. SDSL is the perfect solution for small- to medium-sized businesses and home offices.

Why Choose SDSL Service?
Our SDSL is a premier high speed, point-to-point access solution that offers a dedicated, uninterrupted connection over our wireless system without telephone lines at speeds many times faster than a regular dial-up connection and at a fraction of the cost of a T1. With SDSL, you get flat-rate billing, high speeds, and a constant connection that eliminates busy signals and dropped access. Customers that have additional Internet access requirements can choose from a vast selection of other services and bundle them with SDSL.

How Does SDSL Benefit Your Business?

  • Improved connectivity increases productivity and profitability
  • Allows multiple users to access the same connection
  • Reduces travel cost via telecommuting and video conferencing ability
  • Affords room to grow your business with scalable solutions
  • Allows you to transfer large files quickly
  • Provides connectivity between branch offices in the continental United States
  • Enables video broadcasting for telecommuting, conferencing and training needs
  • Eliminates additional phone lines and support for multiple modem connections
  • Provides 24-hour Internet access through an "always on" constant connection
  • Saves money with affordable, flat rate billing

What Does SDSL Service Include?
Our SDSL is more than just high speed access. SDSL is a complete access package that includes the following:

  • Unlimited Free Email POP accounts through Gmail, Yahoo, etc 
  • Static IP addresse with additional  IP addresses available for a low monthly fee
  • Ability to Host your own website
  • Primary and secondary DNS
  • World class network with superior technical and 24/7 customer technical support

What Are the Available Speeds?
Looking for results? Upload information as fast as you can download it. Choose the SDSL speed that best fits your business needs. Our individualized service begins with our highly-trained sales teams.

SDSL Speeds 
500K/500KbpsPrimarily used for remote control or monitoring of equipment. 
Excellent speed for video conferencing, up to 10 Voip Lines, Online training. The speed of a leased T1 at a fraction of the cost.
3.0M/3.0MbpsSuperior speed for full motion video streaming, transferring large files, up to 24 Voip Lines
5.0M/5.0MbpsSuperior speed for full motion video streaming, transferring large files, up to 48 Voip Lines. Broadcase quality bandwidth
10.0M/10.0MbpsA speed that provides you almost unlimted options for intracompany or internet connectivity requirements.