GCI turns on its first Wimax Customer. 

After months of weather delays, tower site construction, equipment installation and in service beta testing, GCI Broadband turned on its first Wireless Internet customer this week. Addison Insurance Agency owners, Darrell and Vonda Addison, have been eagerly anticipating the day they could improve the Internet access for their business. Their business, like a lot of insurance businesses rely heavily on Internet connectivity to their underwriters to be able to write new policies and provide support services to their insurance customers. 


Addison Insurance previousInternet service was a standard DSL service provided by the local telephone company. While the slower speed was adequate for their basic internet needs, their main frustration was an intermittent service problem which the phone company could never resolve. According to  Darryl;  " We could tell the time of day by our internet connection. Between 8-9am and 3-5pm our connection speed would grind to a crawl or on many occassions would disconnect completely. It was very frustrating to have a customer in front of you and be unable to serve them because we had lost our connection with our insurance underwriter."


Addison Insurance will be using our 3mb down/1mb up Basic Business service. A benefit of the extra capacity will be their conversion to our Hosted IP telephone and fax service. By using our IP phone and fax services, they will be reducing their monthly telephone charges, eliminate all long distance charges, reducing paper, toner and other fax related cost. Overall they expect to reduce their monthly telecommunication cost by 40-50% while at the same time improving customer service.