Below are links to several recent company activities. We've also included helpful links to some of the web resources we use when preparing system designs, custumer consulting, interoperability audits, training programs and project presentations.  


January 2016- GCI turns on two new distribution towers. Hwy 198 and downtown Carnesville.

January 2016- GCI connects it's 400th internet customer.

Sept 2015- GCI connects SARK Wire as the first Stephens County Industrial Customer.

Sept 2015- GCI connects it's 350th internet customer.

July 2015- GCI connects Banks County Public Safety to support Mobile Data Terminals for new 911 CAD System. 

February-2015 GCI turns on two new distribution towers Hwy 198 and Petro Complex

June 2014- GCI turns on two new distribution towers. GA Hwy 105 and Haygood Dr off Brookhaven

March 2014- GCI turns up North Georgia Network services from Meadowbrook Water Tank

October 2013- GCI established new internet distribution tower on Big A Road behind Maddox Drugs.

October 2013- GCI contracts with North Georgia Network to distribute internet service

Sept 2013- GCI connects it's 150th internet customer. 

Sept 2013- GCI contracts with City of Toccoa to lease Meadowbrook Water Tank as Internet Distribution site

July 2013 -  GCI establishes new Internet distribution tower on Skyline Drive.

January 2013- GCI signs lease agreement with City of Martin to distribute internet service from the City's three Water Tanks  

November 2012- GCI signs agreement with First Baptist Church to lease tower to distribute internet services 

April 2012- GCI connects Data Survival, Homer, GA  with 20 Meg Dedicated Internet Service.

April 2010- GCI connects its first customer. Addison Insurance Agency.

March 2010-  GCI begins delivering Internet services to Northeast Georgia.

June 2009- GCI provides facility installations for SGRITA Wireless Internet Project

April 2009- GCI selected by SGRITA to provide comm site grounding and facility consulting services  

February 2009- Habersham County BOC names GCI as  "Habersham County Outstanding Vendor" for 2008

April, 2008 GCI awarded contract to install 18 towers for South Georgia Wireless Project